The day of the dead is a Mexican celebration.  It is believed that at this specific moment, the veil is thinnest between the netherworld and our world – allowing our loved ones who have passed away a moment to visit with us.
Families will typically put up a colorful altar for these souls, adding photos, flowers, toys, candles, and favorite foods and drinks. A special artisan bread, the “pan de muerto”  (bread of the dead) is especially baked for the occasion. Celebrations may also happen in cemeteries and streets. The most important thing on the day is to remember and honor those who’ve gone before. 

Pan de Muerto

At Fiesta our artisan bakers  also make  the traditional pan de muerto – proudly  keeping this tradition alive for many  generations to come.

The Altar

Unveiling the Altar of the Lost Souls: A sacred breath awakens ancient traditions on the Day of the Dead, as Mexico converges with the mystical realm