Our Departments

At Fiesta Mart we’re proud to serve our community with exceptional groceries and value in everyday products for life. 


Variety is our specialty. Everything you need for a happy household in a one-stop grocery run. Our shelves are stocked with thousands of products from trusted quality brands and family favorites. Need a unique ingredient for a special recipe? Have a craving for a special treat? Fiesta Mart is the place to go.


Mother nature makes it, and we bring it to you. Fruits and vegetables in every color of the rainbow are constantly replenished so that our produce department is always seasonally fresh and full, with the best prices in town.


Find your catch of the day. Our seafood department offers an ample selection of fresh fish, shellfish and specialty items at great value. Fiesta Mart is the ultimate fish market destination. With so many choices, healthy seafood can be the highlight of your menu.

Butcher Shop

We take our meats very seriously, just like you do. An amazing USA meat selection and butcher professionals who personally ensure you get the perfect Carne Asada, pork, and chicken. Your next barbecue begins at our Butcher Shop!

Bulk Deli / Cheese

We’re “Cheesy” and it shows. From Queso Panela to Cotijas, to Jack and Cheddar, there’s something for every cheese lover. Our cheese and cold cut trays are ready to go and serve, the perfect appetizer for your next party.

Frozen Meals

When time is short for meal prep, our packaged frozen foods come to the rescue. From breakfast time savers to dinner entrées and sweet treats, our freezers are stocked with the supermarket shortcuts that make life a little easier.


Milk and eggs, yogurt and butter. Find all the creamy, cheesy, organic, regular, even lactose free and non-dairy blend products all in one place.  


Our bakery stands out among the rest. Our highly skilled professional bakers are our pride and joy. Try delicious and beautiful pastry creations, decorated and customized for birthdays and your special occasions. Enjoy our specialty bread any day of the week. Our pan dulce is the perfect companion to your morning coffee, with just the right amount of sweet.



As far as we’re concerned, tortillas are essential, whether it’s Taco Tuesday or any day of the week. Try our in-house Fiesta tortillas, made and packaged on the spot. You’ll see why these are worthy of serving along with all your meals.

Hispanic Products

Find the Hispanic products you know and love to keep your traditions alive at home. Sweets, treats, sauces and beverages, as well as a variety of household items, anything you love from over there, we bring it over here.


We’re proud of our Fiesta International products department. A truly fascinating place to find products from all over the world. From packaged goods to cookies and sauces, unique and global flavors are at your fingertips.


Fresh flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. Our convenient in-store flower shop has a beautiful assortment of flower arrangements and plants. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you with any selection.


Browse and discover, you may just find your next favorite outfit at Fiesta Mart. Shop quality clothing at affordable prices for everyone in the family. We specialize in closeouts, overruns and short lots, so there’s always a deal waiting to happen in our apparel department.