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Seafood with a Spanish Flair: Join the Party at Fiesta's Paella Cooking Events

03/03/14 12:00 PM CST

What Is a "Paella"?

Paella (pronounced "pah-AY-yah"), a culinary treasure from the Spanish province of Valencia, evokes the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Olive oil and saffron-infused rice greet a varying blend of vegetables, meats and seafood in a delightfully fragrant dish that's best enjoyed in lively social settings.

Knorr Easy Paella

Sounds like a Fiesta to us! Play the castanets and join our tasty, two-step flamenco:

  • Step Two: Enjoy the flavors of Spain at home with this deliciously simple recipe for Knorr Easy Paella on Fiesta's Recipe Corner.

Experience the passion for paella. Olé!


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