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Big Texas Flavor in Every Bite: Introducing Lone Star Legacy Beef, Exclusively at Fiesta

01/29/14 01:00 AM CST

Lone Star Legacy

On Jan. 29, Fiesta introduces  Go Texan®-certified Lone Star Legacy  beef, an exclusive line of quality beef from Cactus, Texas. Lone Star Legacy boasts a wide selection of meat cuts, from roasts to steaks to ground beef -- all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The juiciness and tenderness of this high-quality Texas beef deliver a truly superior eating experience. Sourcing our beef directly from a single-source supplier offers a consistent product with an incredible flavor that will satisfy again and again. 

Lone Star Legacy promises "Big Texas Flavor in Every Bite," and is available exclusively at Fiesta Mart stores in Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Houston metro areas.


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