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Fall Fest, Halloween and Other Excuses to Eat

Fall Fest, Halloween and Other Excuses to Eat

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Darn these autumn festivals! It's not even Thanksgiving, yet I've already stocked-up on enough antacids and H2 blockers to soothe a horse - especially since I'm eating like one. In the aftermath of Oktoberfest, my entire eating regimen was shot to blazes; it's difficult to make smart snacking decisions when faced with an overflowing beer stein and a huge Bavarian pretzel.

Blame it on the season: Between the caramel apples and roasted corn at the Fall Fests, the bite-sized candy bars and fruit snacks on Halloween, finally followed by the tasty pan de muerto on Día de los Muertos, I'm looking at a dieting nightmare from late October into early November. No ghost stories or haunted houses are needed here to frighten me, just wave a turkey leg in front of my face.

Beyond the stretched clothes and strained waistbands, perhaps my biggest fear was recently made real when my niece (a chatty toddler) pointed to my stomach after a meal, and innocently asked me if I were going to have a baby. Initially alarmed but increasingly amused, I 'fessed up: "No, I'm not pregnant, but yes, I've got quite a food baby here."

And can you believe it? The comment, which was certainly a reality check, killed my appetite. Too bad the horror only lasted 'til dessert.



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