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Meet the Neighbors

Meet the Neighbors

Quesadilla Party PlatterFive Facebook postings and two e-mails later, we finally got together with friends for dinner. The ironic thing is they live next door (their son has hit another growth spurt since we last saw him).

We realized that we needed to re-connect with our neighbors offline: the face-to-face, "may-I-borrow-a-cup-of-sugar" method. It's wonderful to have a support community only a few feet from our red maple tree -- people who can watch our house when we're on vacation, or wave a friendly "hello" when we're cutting the grass.

Even the folks down the street who used to throw parties 'til 2 a.m. (on a Wednesday, mind you) seemed mighty considerate once we discovered they were very talented, generous pastry chefs who knew when to share one of their baked creations. One person's food bribe is another person's welcome wagon. 

For this year's National Night Out, challenge yourself to meet a new neighbor, or re-establish ties with long-time acquaintances next door. If your neighborhood is participating in National Night Out activities, jump in wholeheartedly with your own casserole, potato salad or fruit ambrosia.

Be neighborly; you may be living next door to tomorrow's Bobby Flay or Giada De Laurentiis. They'll definitely have a cup of sugar to spare.




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