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A Hunger for Life: Happy Graduation

A Hunger for Life: Happy Graduation

Graduation Cakes3With the final notes of "Pomp & Circumstance" and a movement of the tassel, the marked occasion fills you with kudos of accomplishment: It's graduation, time to march across that stage with honors, exhale with relief and celebrate with friends and family and -- And food. My, my, yes, lots of food. The graduate's feast!

However, anticipation is a mixed bag. The heightened excitement of the reception leaves you with a lump of pride in your throat -- and a ball of nerves in your stomach. Uh-oh. The joy of graduation is almost overshadowed by the frenzied stress of planning a graduation party (you're supposed to be reveling in the moment, remember?). We're here to take the fear out of the feast and ensure that everyone enjoys the festivities, especially you.

We're here to make a moist, scrumptious congratulatory sheet cake and assorted cupcakes that will delight your well-wishers.

We're here to offer stunning floral arrangements and decorations that will add ambience while saving you precious time.

We're here for you, graduate.

A hearty congratulations to the Class of 2013: savor your delicious rewards as you end one course of your life and begin another. Just remember to save room for dessert.





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