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No Time For Breakfast? Then Make Time!

No Time For Breakfast? Then Make Time!

2012-02-27_1We hear it all the time - my mornings are too busy for breakfast. I'm lucky to get my morning coffee or remember to take my vitamins. So breakfast? No way do I have time for that!

We get it - mornings are super busy. Rushing to get ready for the office, packing lunches, remembering to download the presentation from your home computer onto a USB to take to the office. We know. You're preaching to the choir.

But breakfast is not only important, it's tasty and it's a darn good way to start your day. Everyday. So next time you say you don't have time for breakfast, remember these wise words from your friends at Fiesta - MAKE TIME.

Real Simple provides a few recipes and tips on making "better breakfast, fast." Check out the link to see the recipes they suggest for those busy and early mornings. With a name like Real Simple, how can it be anything but?

For example, here's their recipe for a Yogurt and Granola Parfait. Make it the night before and put it in a plastic cup you can take to work or eat in the car. Easy, right?

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