International Favorites

In addition to our wide variety of Hispanic foods, Fiesta has a fully-stocked international department that brings together authentic products from around the world! In our aisles, you can find packaged foods, cooking sauces, beverages, cookies, candies, snacks and more from all corners of the globe.

English Specialty Items

At Fiesta, our aisles are stoked with specialty products from the United Kingdom. Stop by and pick up Twining’s English breakfast tea, a spread of MacKay lemon curd or Lyle’s golden syrup for your flapjacks. We also carry traditional British brunch items like Irish-style bacon and pork bangers.

Asian-Inspired Flavors

At Fiesta you will find any Asian product or ingredient. For example, for a Thai recipe, take a little bit of Thai Kitchen Curry Paste, add the Chaokoh coconut milk, and serve it with jasmine rice or rice noodles. If you’re looking for something spicy, add a little bit of Simply Asia Stir Fry and it becomes a Chinese-style dish.

Greek Foods

Looking for Greek food? Try our hummus dip, baba ghanoush, pita bread and a Greek salad or cup of hot soup. We also carry Kefir-Greek Style Yogurt Drink, Fage Greek Yogurt, yogurt spreads and more.

Japanese Delicacies

Enjoy Japanese delicacies at your home! Edamame makes a perfect Japanese snack. Heat up a bag of frozen edamame in the microwave with a dash of sea salt. Add a few shrimp tempuras or a sushi roll for a great appetizer.

Authentic Indian Products

Fiesta carries a variety of lentils, spices, nuts, Indian vegetables and masala for you to prepare your own Indian cuisine from scratch. We have ready-to-serve curry that you can serve with your basmati rice, naan or paratha.