Fiesta has happily supported the communities we operate in for more than 40 years. We are appreciative of our customers and the many wonderful opportunities Fiesta is offered to serve our neighbors.

In that same spirit of support, Fiesta is providing the following guidelines for organizations to apply for funding. Each year, we receive hundreds of requests for donations and sponsorships. Obviously, Fiesta cannot fulfill all these requests. The following policies help Fiesta determine the best use of funding and provide a process for approval of requests.

Typically, Fiesta’s donations range from $200-$500 per request, depending on the need and organization. Please review these guidelines and fill-out the on-line donation application form. Applications are reviewed each month and recipients will be notified via e-mail.


Fiesta Donation Policies and Guidelines

  1. All donation requests must be submitted through our online application system.
  2. Organizations must have a valid non-profit status.
  3. Requests need to be received a minimum of 8 weeks before events, programs, activities, initiatives or projects begin.
  4. Donation requests must include all the information requested on the application.
  5. All organizations must re-apply for funds every year within our 8-week minimum policy to be considered for funding.
  6. If a Fiesta store receives a request that they are not able to provide funds for, they will send the organization to the on-line application site.
  7. Funding approvals will be given to the non-profit only through a written

What does Fiesta support?

Fiesta supports non‑profit organizations that operate within the immediate Fiesta areas in DFW, Austin, and Houston. Fiesta supports organizations involved with activities, programs, projects, initiatives and events that make a visible and positive impact in the communities that we serve.

Depending on the donation request, Fiesta may contribute cash, gift cards, product (in‑kind donations) or volunteers based on the need of organizations whose requests are approved. Causes Fiesta typically funds include:

  • Education and Literacy
  • Hunger Relief
  • Health Initiatives
  • Social Services
  • Environmental Programs
  • Disaster Relief
  • The Arts

Fiesta aims to impact the widest scope of our communities and therefore does not provide funds for the following types of events:

  • Operating expenses
  • School trips
  • Sporting events
  • Individuals
  • Team Sponsorships

Thank you for your interest in Fiesta!


Thank you for your interest in Fiesta!
We look forward to reviewing your request.

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