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Love Crawfish? We've Got Plenty o' Mudbugs for Ya

04/10/14 00:00 AM CST

Crawfish _2After a late start to crawfish season, the mudbugs have finally caught up with the eager appetites of Texas & Louisiana diners alike.

And, boy, is Fiesta ready! 

We have everything you need for a good ol' crawfish boil -- sacks of live crawfish, corn, potatoes, lemons, seasonings, ingredients for a remoulade sauce, plus beverages for the whole merry gathering.

The only thing missing is the invitation to your party... <hint, hint> The more, the merrier.

For additional crawfish info or assistance in planning your Great Crawfish Caper, contact your favorite Fiesta's Seafood Department.

***Reminder: Don't forget to "geaux Cajun" at Cajun Fest in May!***

Happy Eatin'...

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