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Fit for a King: the Rosca de Reyes

01/06/14 00:00 AM CST

Pan RoscaIn the new year, treat yourself to a palate-pleasing world of cultural traditions. A delicious choice is the rosca de reyes, the Latin American "king cake":  a circular, cinnamon-loving pastry that requires no translation for "Yum!"

The rosca/king cake commemorates the Epiphany on January 6, the day that the Magi (Three Wise Men) presented their gifts to the Baby Jesus. During gatherings, roscas/king cakes often come with a small plastic baby that can be placed inside the cake. Whoever gets the slice with the baby must host the following year's gathering -- a clever way of continuing the tasty custom.


Fiesta has the following selection of roscas/king cakes* for your celebration:

  •  Traditional, unfilled Rosca de Reyes: small, medium, large
  •  Filled Rosca de Reyes: small size only; choose cajeta, strawberry, pineapple or guava
  •  Louisiana-style King Cakes: small, medium

 *Roscas de Reyes and Louisiana-style king cakes are available at select stores.

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