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Destination Autumn: Are We There Yet?

Destination Autumn: Are We There Yet?

Fall GourdsAfter Labor Day, summer doesn't officially end for another three weeks, but we Texans generally ignore the meaningless semantics of the calendar. Summer knows that it wears the crown in this neck of the woods, and the darn tyrant isn't going anywhere 'til well into October. Leaves seem to change only on television, greeting cards and fall catalogs.

Our Northern neighbors are shocked to hear that we're still running the A/C during autumn's approach, resenting summer's encore performance, while they get to light the fireplace, bake cozy apple pies -- bake anything, for that matter! -- sip cinnamon-laced hot cider, and retrieve seasonal throws and sweaters from storage bins. We're green with envy, particularly because we won't be seeing any shades of red, orange or yellow anytime soon.

This is the time of the year that taunts us the most: to be so close to that coveted autumn weather, the crisp air only a few hours' drive north. Many of us even engage in hideous acts of self-torture, languidly browsing through New England seasonal recipes for chowders and mulling spices, then shopping online for Scottish tartan plaid flannel sheets.

Some day, we tell ourselves, some day.



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