Life's a Fiesta!
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Life's a Fiesta!

Spice Check Challenge – Courtesy of McCormick

Thanks to McCormick, it’s a friendly reminder that we often forget. How old are those spices hiding up in your cupboard? We know you probably don’t use them all that often, but it’s still important to make sure they haven’t expired. Visit the McCormick – How Old Are Your Spices webpage and you can easily tell if you need to stock up on some fresher, spicier spices.

An Intro to Champagne

Each holiday season countless bottles of champagne are uncorked for parties, festivities and numerous other celebrations. But odds are, you probably don’t know much about champagne, do you? (We only say this because we sell it and drink it, and we still learn new stuff everyday!)

Sweet Table Talk – Contest Ending

We blogged about this contest a few weeks ago, but wanted to give you ONE LAST CHANCE to enter this free Nestle/Fiesta Mart “Sobremesa” Sweepstakes for your chance to win a $200 Fiesta gift card.

Stay at Home WELL Day

We are always on the hunt for funny “holidays” and today, November 29th might be the funniest (and our favorite) yet. Today is – Stay at home because you are well day. You know, the opposite of a sick day.

The Perfect Man

Haha, made you look, right? While we can’t offer the perfect man this holiday season, we can offer the perfect Gingerbread Man, thanks to our friends at Food Network.