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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off to School We Go

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off to School We Go

Back To SchoolIf Mom & Dad are lucky, the prep work for the first day of school will be a breeze: no ill-fitting clothes, lunches will practically make themselves, and there will be no first-day jitters or tears from the kiddos -- or from the parents either, for that matter (for the record, Mom cried on my first day of kindergarten, as well as the day I left for college).

For most of us, the back-to-school season elicits a mix of emotions. Relief, anticipation and anxiety tend to ebb and flow, and then bubble up in waves, stirred by our own childhood nostalgia. So THIS is why Mom boo-hoo'ed on those milestone days. By comparison, remembering to cut off the crusts from a soon-to-be-packed sandwich is easy-peasy.

Even the best to-do lists, carefully maintained on a smartphone or notepad, don't always capture every detail of our overbooked family schedules, but they're a clever way to ensure that we remember to leave enough room for family evenings, play dates, date nights, "me time," and other necessary sanity-savers. Crossing our "t's," dotting our "i's," and minding our "p's" and "q's" shouldn't mean that we have to sacrifice our own time-outs; quite the contrary, those mini-breaks become all the more essential.

Think of them as the grown-up equivalent to recess.

As we prepare for another school year, bring an apple for the teacher -- and be sure to save one for yourself, too.




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