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Ice Cream Gets All Grown Up with Sizzling Fruit

Ice Cream Gets All Grown Up with Sizzling Fruit

IceCreamDessertThis week, we're celebrating the Fourth of July, one of the biggest summer holidays. Between fireworks and barbecue, we all need a moment to cool off from the summer heat.

Of course, summers just bring out our inner kids. The wonderfully sticky-sweet, ooey-gooey pleasures of summertime simply demand their due: ice cream, baby!

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy a taste of a second childhood without losing our grown-up sensibilities. Top off a frosty ice cream treat with sizzling hot fruit, right off the grill or flambéed to entice.

Thanks to the laws of science, the heating process triggers a chemical reaction that enhances the fruit's natural sugars. Regardless of the cause, we love the effect: Cherries Jubilee, Bananas Foster, flambéed peaches, grilled pineapple slices and mango halves, fried plantains & toasted coconut -- a summery bounty that likes to play dress-up.

On the count of three, let's find some spoons. One, two... Hey, where are y'all going?




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