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"Tea Please!"

"Tea Please!"

Iced Tea

A crisp, tempting glass of iced tea, sugar-kissed for a Southern sweet tooth, is a mighty fine cure for a Texas summer: a quick pour of strong brewed tea, some garnish and ice. Heavens, yes, lots of ice!

June marks National Iced Tea Month, and Fiesta pleases your palate with a refreshing variety of teas -- oolong to Earl Grey, rooibos to chai -- from every land: Morrocan mint to Thai tea, Mexican herbal teas to Japanese green.

(Yours truly is relaxing with a spicy-sweet, Polynesian kava blend as we speak. Mmm...)

Whether you're a globe-trotting tea drinker or you're seeking healthier beverage options, quench your thirst for all things tea during Fiesta's "Tea Please!", June 18-24.

In the meantime, please your pucker with this tea-enhanced Simply Summer White Sangria

Happy Sippin'!




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