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Post-Holidays: After the Party

Post-Holidays: After the Party

Shutterstock _71369185-214x 300The holidays are always such a mega-party. From Thanksgiving 'til New Year's Day, I seem to stay in a constant state of feasting and merriment, culminating on Christmas, and then taking the party down a few decibels through January 1 -- the day that marks the "fresh start" that I always promise myself.

Ah, yes, the New Year! A new beginning: a new detox diet, a new exercise regimen, a new juicer to boost the new detox diet, a new gym membership to implement the new exercise regimen, a new self-help book (downloaded onto my new Kindle, of course) to explain why I can't seem to stick to either the new detox diet or the new exercise regimen.

As a sure sign of insanity, I'll repeat the same maddening post-party routine around this time next year. Somewhere running amok in my psyche, a neurotic Woody Allen knock-off admonishes my reflection: "I don't know, maybe it's just me, but the whole 'absolutely-positively-have-to-because-the-calendar-says-so' mandate really doesn't work for me," followed by the inevitable shoulder shrug in the mirror. Meh.

Okay, point taken: This year I'm breaking the post-party cycle. Instead of diving head-first into the bracing waters of the new year with a sigh, dragging my Coulda Shoulda Woulda bag of by-gone failures, I'm staying merry & mellow, keeping the joy at a readily sustainable level. Long after the last ornament is stashed away and the pine needles have dropped, I'll continue to spread holiday cheer like a toddler spreads cookie crumbs.

Fortunately, cheer (which, ideally, leads to shared happiness) fills the new year void that many of us post-partiers face after each holiday season. The lesson learned: A wee bit o' selfless joy carries more fulfillment than the most promising celebrity diet, electronic organizer or vitamin-enriched cream made from rare exotic berries.

Let's keep the party going: Stay in the holiday spirit year-round. Have a wonderful 2014!




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