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Living on the Wild Side

Living on the Wild Side

Our long-time friend, Alicia, contacted us out of the blue yesterday, bragging like any proud parent about Owen's performance in a recent contest. The video that she sent of little Owen was certainly impressive, and it was apparent that he deserved a well-earned trophy.

Owen The DogHowever, Owen probably preferred a bacon-flavored treat. Owen is a shih-tzu, and Alicia is his owner - more accurately, a "pet mom."

We proud pet parents benefit from a level of joy from our animal companions that puzzles some sans-pets people. But there is hope for people who are deprived of fuzzy therapy; a visit to the community zoo enables us to get in touch with our domestic buddies' wild ancestors, and in the process, learn a little bit about life across the species line.

Maybe it's time to get in touch with our inner tiger (make that a chipmunk: we do need more pantry storage space). Whatever animals resonate with you, go connect with nature and have a (somewhat) wild, zany experience.

As for Owen, the zoo is off limits to him, so he's making new friends at the dog park. He's having almost as much fun as Alicia.





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