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Time for Super Bowl

Time for Super Bowl

Super Bowl

 It's kick-off time for the Superbowl -- which is THE big day for snacks and finger foods.  If you're planning a party, the menu needs to be your "Most Valuable Player" on Game Day:  the only thing that separates an avid fan from a rabid one is good food.

One surefire option?  Fiesta's party trays*:  buffalo wings, sandwiches, fruit, veggies...  All the snack foods that you'll want for your guests with minimal work on your part:  you place the order, you pick up the food, you join the party!

Even better, our party trays are designed to be crowd-pleasers, from the first zesty bite from a heaping tray of buffalo wings to the last crunch from an abundant vegetable tray.

Be sure to keep tabs on the Playoff  schedule in time to order your party trays!  

Taking the Do-It-Yourself route?  We've got that preference covered, too.  In fact, here are a few tips & ideas to take a standard Superbowl menu up to a "wow"-inducing level, without busting your budget or your jeans:

  -Nachos, l'il smokies and chips with seven-layer bean dip are always fabulous, but consider providing tasty alternatives that are calorie conscious and/or low sodium.  Popcorn is a wonderfully versatile choice.  Instead of butter & salt, go for zesty flavor combinations:  a salt-free herb blend and a dash of lemon juice; chile powder and lime juice; cayenne pepper and brown sugar.

  -For chicken wings andcrudités(the raw veggies usually served:  celery, carrots, etc.), try different dipping condiments in addition to the traditional barbecue sauce and ranch dressing:  citrusy,mojo-style marinades/dressings; a teaspoon of curry powder mixed in a cup of plain yogurt; diced tomatoes with a pinch of basil & oregano added to low-fat sour cream.

  -Keep plenty of seltzer on hand.  The no-calorie beverage has moved off the sidelines, joining the mainstay diet sodas and light beers.  A perk about seltzer is that its "fizziness" picks up almost any fruit juice -- and also dilutes the carb content of a fruity beverage without dulling the taste.

With a little planning and preparation, your Superbowl party will be even more buzz-worthy than the Halftime Show and multi-million dollar ads.  Enjoy!   

*Party trays are available at select Fiesta stores.



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