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Holiday Cookie Swaps

Holiday Cookie Swaps

It seems everyone bakes their famous cookies each holiday season. They make perfect gifts to take to a party, they are a fairly inexpensive and thoughtful gift to put in a holiday themed tin, and quite frankly, they are fun to bake. And you're right, to eat! One of the biggest questions we get over the holiday season (besides turkey related questions of course) is about holiday cookies. Folks are always looking for fun new recipes to spice up their cookie collection, but often don't know where to find these recipes.

That's the best part about a cookie swap (these work anytime, not just over the holidays). Everyone bakes a batch or two of their most famous recipes (the ones they're truly known for) and brings the recipe written out on a card to share. You and your friends will each sample different cookies and ask for the recipe card of the ones you liked the best and voila! You leave the swap with a full belly, a great time spent with friends, and even a few new recipes!

Just one word of caution - please be kind when you do your cookie swaps. Inevitably there will always be someone whose recipes don't get picked up - be courteous of them. Remember, they are probably there to learn new recipes and learn to cook better. Perhaps this is a good chance to invite them over and bake some cookies together.

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