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Dia de los Muertos, the Ritual of the Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos, the Ritual of the Day of the Dead

Families visit the grave sites of loved ones. They decorate the graves, home alters and small shrines with items that are connected to their beloved family members, including photographs and favorite foods of the deceased. Offerings (ofrendas) of sugar skulls, flowers and strands of colorful punched paper (papel picado) are also used as decorations. Special prayers are conducted for the well-being of deceased souls and a variety of special foods are prepared for relatives to enjoy while gathered at the table.

Candles are one of the most important elements in this celebration. One candle is lit for each deceased family member plus one extra for the one who does not have a family. The candles represent hope and faith, and they burn through the night so there is no darkness. The holiday - which officially starts at midnight on Oct. 31st with Día de los Angelitos (a day of remembrance for children), is followed by All Souls Day on Nov. 2nd to rejoice in the memory of deceased. Many other cultures around the world observe similar traditions of a day set aside to visit the graves of deceased family members. Often included in these traditions are celebrations with food and beverages in addition to prayers and remembrances of the departed.

To celebrate the lives of family members who have since passed, let us help you with the decorations and foods to celebrate Día de los Muertos. We have candles, flowers in our Floral Department, decorations, sugar skulls and other foods of significance to your loved ones. In our World Class Bakery, choose the Pan de Muerto that best fits your celebration. The most popular form of Pan de Muerto is the "Huesos" or "Bones" bread. This is the round loaf and with the smaller ornamental pieces on top representing bones. These come in two sizes and are finished with a variety of toppings, sesame seeds being the most popular. The other type of Pan de Muerto bread are called "Figuros" or "Figures" bread, male and female figures, in two sizes as well. From our family to yours, may your Dia de los Muertos celebrations of passed loved ones be filled with joyous memories and love for your family, past and present.



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