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Lactose Intolerant? Fall in Love with Milk Again

Lactose Intolerant? Fall in Love with Milk Again

Lactose intolerant? Learn to love milk again

Do you love the taste of dairy foods, but sometimes feel gassy or bloated after having milk, cheese or yogurt? If so, there are a variety of tips that may help you to enjoy the recommended 3 servings of dairy foods every day - without experiencing the pain or embarrassment.
Enjoy Dairy Again with These Tips:
 Sip it.  Start with a small amount of milk daily and increase slowly over several days or weeks to build your tolerance.
Try it.  Opt for low-lactose or lactose-free milk and milk products. They are real milk products - just with lower amounts or zero lactose - provide the same nutrients as regular dairy foods, and they taste great.
Stir it.  Mix milk with other foods, such as soups and cereal; blend with fruit or drink milk with meals. Solid foods help slow digestion and allow the body more time to digest lactose.
Slice it. Top sandwiches or crackers with natural cheeses such as Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, mozzarella and Swiss. These cheeses are low in lactose.
Spoon it. Enjoy easy-to-digest yogurt. The live and active cultures in yogurt help to digest the lactose.
At Fiesta Mart, we carry lactose-free milk, soy milk enriched with calcium, along with a variety of cheeses and yogurt. We also carry lactase supplements - the enzyme needed to break down the lactose in milk, in our Health Food section*
*Not all stores carry these products. See store for details.



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