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Welcome Summer with Sweet, Juicy Watermelon

Welcome Summer with Sweet, Juicy Watermelon

Watermelon for summer

As the first summer days cast a warm glow upon the earth, the fruits of the season begin to appear throughout the country. The fruity, fresh taste of watermelon is one of summer's greatest joys.

While the red-fleshed variety is the most common, watermelons with bright yellow and rich orange flesh are becoming more and more popular. Similar in taste, they are available both seeded and seedless.
Watermelons differ by the fruit shape, rind pattern, flesh color and the presence of seed. All are sweet and juicy. What makes watermelons so appealing is their high water content. When that water chills the smooth, sweet, flesh, they taste cooler and more refreshing than any other fruits of summer.
Eating watermelon cubed or right off the rind has become an All-American pastime, but this large melon is more versatile than you think. The cool, lush and fragrant watermelon is a natural for fruit salads and sorbets. Toss watermelon with cucumber cubes and top with a sweet yogurt or poppy seed dressing. Or serve red and yellow melon balls with soft cheese and basil. The taste will say, "Welcome to summer!"



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