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An Intro to Champagne

An Intro to Champagne

Each holiday season countless bottles of champagne are uncorked for parties, festivities and numerous other celebrations. But odds are, you probably don't know much about champagne, do you? (We only say this because we sell it and drink it, and we still learn new stuff everyday!)
One of our favorite websites, gives facts about bubbly. For example, do you know the proper way to open a bottle of champagne? Check out this Champagne 101 article to learn more.
Remember 2 very important things:
First and most important - DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE - always have a designated driver while enjoying bubbly and any other adult beverage.
And secondly, all your favorite local Fiesta Stores (and Beverage Marts) sell a diverse selection of your favorite champagne. If you don't know what kind to get, just stop one of our friendly staff members and ask for advice. They are there to help - we all are!
Life's a Fiesta! Stop by your local Fiesta Mart this week and find out what's going on inside.



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