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Community Involvement/Fiesta Super Sports Club

Since its inception, Fiesta's philanthropic philosophy has been quite basic - giving back to the community by being involved with what is important to its customers. Fiesta supports programs that address local needs, are measurable, and are serving communities surrounding Fiesta store locations. This focus has largely manifested itself in support of programs directed to hunger, education and after school programs/activities for children.

Fiesta provides funding, product donations and gift cards to non-profit organizations throughout its service area which currently includes Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth and Austin, Texas.

Fundraising Opportunities:

Fiesta offers the community two programs that enable groups to raise funds for their organizations: Fiesta Club Party and Fiesta Super Sports Club (both programs are limited to the Houston area only at this time).

Fiesta Club Party

Club Party is designed as a fundraiser for community organizations. Fiesta and participating manufacturers will provide all of the 'fixings' for dinner to feed up to 125 individuals. The organization has the opportunity to sell the tickets at whatever price they decide and keep all the ticket proceeds.

Fiesta provides a Party Coordinator and a Master/Mistress of Ceremonies who leads the games and prize giveaways. The organization proves a facility with kitchen and volunteers to prepare the evening meal. Once an organization has held a Club Party, it is eligible to submit their Fiesta receipts three times a year for additional monetary donations. At the end of the year, members of those organizations who have received the largest donations are invited to a festive Christmas luncheon. Since its inception, Fiesta Club Party has helped community organizations raise in excess of $2 million.

For information call (713) 694-3923.

Fiesta Super Sports Club

The Fiesta Super Sports Club is going into its 24th year in the Houston area. This simple program was established to help community groups raise funds for all of their organizational needs. It's as easy as saving proofs-of-purchase from specific items and you can start earning money!

The program runs from January through May of each year and is open to any group, either adult or youth. Houston area sports teams and groups have raised over $2 million dollars for their fundraising needs.

To start raising money for your sports team or activity group in Greater Houston Area, register here. For additional information visit or email:

Co-sponsors: KHOU TV and Univision 45 

Local Contributions:

Nonprofit organizations may contact the management of their local Fiesta Store for product support.

Corporate Contributions

Fiesta's Corporate Office, located in Houston, Texas, manages gifts to nonprofit organizations which have been granted tax-exempt status under section 501 (c) (3) by the Internal Revenue Service.

Funding Limitations:

1.)  Any groups which is not qualified as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code

2.)  Groups seeking educational or travel grants for contests, pageants, trips or conventions

3.)  Advertising, promotional events or sponsorship of athletic teams

4.)  Lobbying, partisan or denominational programs

5.)  Endowment campaigns

6.)  Capital campaigns

7.)  Religious or political purposes

8.)  Sponsorships for individuals participating in cause-related events; i.e. walks, runs, conferences, etc.

9.)  Sponsorships submitted by a third party on behalf of an organization.


Eligible nonprofit organizations may call our Donations Hotline at 713/869-5060, x.526* (*=star key on your phone's touchpad) or toll-free at 1-877-256-5060, x.526*. Please allow a response time of approximately 2 weeks, plus at least 6-8 weeks of advanced notice ahead of your anticipated event date. Thank you!