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About Fiesta

It's not just a grocery store . . . It's your home away from home!

Fiesta Mart was co-founded by Donald Bonham and O. C. Mendenhall in Houston in 1972. Prior to co-founding Fiesta, Bonham had lived in several countries in Latin America, where he worked helping set up supermarkets and food distribution systems. Once back in the U.S., Bonham recognized the potential of a supermarket for Hispanics, especially for immigrants who were nostalgic for foods and products from their home countries. He partnered with O. C. Mendenhall, an experienced grocer from Oklahoma, in opening on the near north side of Houston a small grocery store that catered to Hispanics.

The Fulton Street store was an immediate success, and by 1982, Fiesta had opened eight stores in Houston, including a 100,000 square foot store on Bellaire and Hillcroft. At this store, the company discovered that its "open market" format and large variety of products and services were appealing not just to Hispanics, but to other members of the large international community of Houston. In 1993, Fiesta expanded into the Austin and Dallas markets, and in 1997, into the Fort Worth market. Fiesta currently has 60 stores open in the Houston, Austin, and Dallas-Fort Worth markets, serving customers from over ninety countries of origin with a vast variety of dry grocery and perishable products.

Fiesta is proud to be able to bring you quality meat, grocery, fresh produce, and dairy products, beer and fine wines, and an international and specialty foods section offering products from around the globe. Most locations also offer a fresh meat service counter, a fresh seafood department, and an in-store bakery providing fresh product baked daily. Several stores offer hot and cold delis, and a selection of clothing that includes school uniforms.

We also offer a variety of services at our stores. At our courtesy booths, you can pay your utilities, purchase license tags, concert and sporting event tickets, money orders, and lottery tickets, cash checks, and send money through Western Union.

Fiesta is proud to be your neighbor in the community. We support local charities, educational programs, and special events, as well as work with community leaders and citizens on a variety of programs and projects.

Our approach is a simple one; by blending our variety of product selection and our special brand of customer service in an authentic "Fiesta" atmosphere, we provide a unique grocery shopping experience for you, our customer. Come see us and taste the excitement!